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    UK Company

    UK Company Registration Requirements: 
    1. At least 1 shareholder (Without nationality limit) 
    2. Over 18 years old 
    3. Registration capital don't need actually injection 
    Company registration documents need: 
    1. Company name (English) 
    2. The Passport scan version of shareholder / share holder address. 
    3. Share proportion
    4. UK office address (we offer) 
    5. Customer address
    6. Signature of Shareholder (documents offer by us) 
    UK Company advantages: 
    1. Short time, Around 10 working days 
    2. It's allowed to open account in China mainland / in HK and in UK 
    3. Low cost of maintaining  / Information disclosure / High credibility 
    4. No tax if profit is getting outside of UK 
    5. Can be listed in all over the world 
    6. Improve the national status 
    7. Customer contacts

    For details, Please contact us
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