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    China Visa Q&A

     1. How to understand my visa?

    A - Category or type of visa
    B - Number of entries
    C - Enter Before
    D - Duration of Each Stay

    Please look at your current visa and find the Capital Letter on the top: L= Tourist Visa; F= Business Visa; X= Student Visa; Z=Working Visa.

    Entries: The number of times you can enter China during the visa period. Typical kinds of entries: 00=Zero, 01=Single, 02=Double, M=Multiple

    Enter Before: This means how long your visa is valid for. The date is in year/month/day format.

    Duration of Each Stay: This is the amount of time you can stay in China. Typical length of stay: 30 days, 90 days, 120 days and 180 days.


    2. How long is a Chinese Visa valid for?
    A Single and Double entry China visa is normally good for 90 days from issuance. Within 90 days, you can enter China. Multiple entry China visa is good for 6 or 12 months from issuance. Within 180 or 360 days you can enter into China.


    3How long can I stay in China with a Chinese Visa?
    The time you could actually stay in China or "duration of stay after entry" is usually 30 days. However, a maximum of 90-day duration of stay is available if you could produce a Foreign Affair Letter issued by the Chinese Government Department. Or if you want to stay one year, you must apply a one year resident permit through JDL Global


    4What can I do if I hold a tourist (L) visa and want to stay longer in China?
    L visa can be extended only once for additional 30 days. Based on current policy, L visa cannot be extended after the first extension and you need to exit out of China.


    5I have a double/multi-entry Visa, but have 30 days limit for each stay. How can I remove it?
    The limit CAN NOT be simply removed in China since December 2004. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, we can help you apply for a resident permit and your current visa will be revoked at the same time. Be discreet when you apply for double/ multiple entry visas outside China.


    6I will travel between Hong Kong and the mainland multiple times. Do I need a multiple entry visa?
    Yes, you do need a multiple entry visa for that purpose. Each time you enter China from Hong Kong and Macao, you need one entry.


    7I’m going to China on January 1, and my visa expires on January 10. Can I still stay for 30 days?
    Yes, you can. As long as you enter China on or before the expiration date, you can stay for 30 or more days as specified on your visa. The duration of stay starts from the day you enter China.


    8How can I get the Residence Registration Certificate in order to apply for visas or residence permits? 
    - If it is a legitimate hotel as well as registered with local police stations, you can ask the hotel to issue the certificate. 
    - If it is an apartment or house you rent and owned by Chinese individuals, you should ask the owner to go to the local police station to get the certificate. Documents required by the police: 
    A) Copy of property ownership certificate; B) Owner book of Hukou and ID; C) your passport. 
    - If it is an apartment or house you bought, you should go to the local police station with the documents: A) Copy of property ownership certificate, B) your passport.
    - If it is an apartment or house you rent and owned by Chinese organizations (except for schools), you should ask the organization to issue a letter, then take this letter and your passport go to the local police station to get the residence certificate. 
    - If it is a school apartment (on campus), you should ask the school to issue the certificate.


    9If my visa has expired, what will happen?
    If your visa has expired for less than 10 days, you are required to go to the immigration office and file a record. You will receive a warning for violation. For foreigners whose visa has expired more than 10 days, it will result in a 1000RMB fine per day except the first 10 days, and the maximum amount is 10000 RMB (Based on New Regulation).




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